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We hope our website will provide you with a general introduction to the wonderful world of Argentine tango, and all the details about our program and studio located in Tacoma, Washington. Seattle and the great Pacific Northwest boast exciting, vibrant Argentine tango communities. Our goal in developing Backstreet Tango is to expand the Seattle area's thriving tango culture even more by providing tangueroes in Tacoma and the South Sound communities a place to call home. We offer enthusiasts who seek a great and traditional Argentine tango venue with a warm, welcoming atmosphere in the South Sound an alternative to those long Seattle drives.

August Tango Workshops

Absolute beginner Workshop โ€“ Right and left traveling Turns, paradas

Beginner level 2 Workshop โ€“ Planeos and Lapizes

Intermediate level โ€“ Enganches


11 Aug Studio Milonga 3-5:30 pm

24 Aug Lakewood Elks, Milonga, 6313 75th St W, Lakewood, WA 98499 Olympia Tango,

25 Aug Olympia Tango, 219 Legion Way SW #203, Olympia, WA 98501Olympia,

6 -17 Sept Studio closed (with exception of our 15 Sept Milonga)

15 Sept Studio Milonga 3-5:30 pm (Jennifer Wheeler hosting) See calendar for changes and cancellations, view the 2019 calendar at a glance at the bottom of this page

Latest Student Comment:

Deb Guerrero  recommends Backstreet Tango. February 15 2019ยท 

Argentine Tango!!! We love the dance and wanted to take lessons, a fellow dancer referred us to Backstreet Tango. We are so glad we met Luis, he is a wonderful instructor, always patient, and very compassionate about the dance. He will walk you thru each basic step until you feel comfortable both leader and follower. Come out and have some fun... take a lesson or two... and he has a wonderful sense of humor!!! 

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