Come see our studio and join us for classes, no matter what your skill level!

All classes are conducted in a workshop format.  Meaning we will work on one element of the dance for the month.  Although, class dependent we will at times move forward with the class if everyone understands the planned movements.  Or, we may extend the duration of the series if needed.  Our schedule is driven by the needs of our students not driven by a calendar.   Anybody can start their tango journey at any time and do not have to wait for the beginning of a series.

Instruction is 55 minutes, this includes a 10-minute review of the previous class and a 5-minute review at the end highlighting things noted during class that day. Your first visit is always free regardless if you stay for one class or all three (do this before you purchase your classes online to ensure our teaching methodology is right for you.).

Absolute Beginners class (Introductory class) will start the at the very beginning with the posture and embrace.  This class will concentrate on the basic core elements of this dance. It is open to level one and level 2 students.  Students who have taken the class before will also be in the class, they will be perfecting their craft.  Every student will at the minimum want to take this beginner class at least twice to get the movements into muscle memory. 

Beginners Level 2 class (Continuation class- ten classes) will begin with a workshop series on turns both linear and circular.  Turns are one of the most complicated things to achieve so we might extend this series based on the students understanding of the subject. This class is open to both levels 1 &2 students.  Understanding that we will not hold up the class if you do not grasp the concept. We will move on and you will continue working on the portion of the class you are working on once you are ready to proceed further instruction will be provided.

Intermediate level workshop – The intermediate workshop will start at the very beginning working on the core elements at the intermediate level.  We will solidifying how we hold our embrace, movement and intent.  We will delve into the core social Argentine tango at the intermediate level.  This class is open to both level two and Intermediate level students, once again students will work at their pace and further instruction will be provided once you are ready to for the next portion of the movement. 

Class & Private Packages

Instruction is 55 minutes for both classroom and private instruction.

  • We do not offer refunds. Payment for private and classroom instruction is valid until used, however transferring classes to another individual is allowed (verification via email or in person).

  • Two students are allowed for the price of one for private lessons. Perfect for couples!

  • If two instructors are requested for private sessions, and extra $25 will be added.

  • Classroom and Private packages are required to be paid in full after your the first lesson.

Try out our complimentary lesson before purchasing!

First time beginners……$60 lesson for 8 classes and two activities

Continuing students….$90 for 10 classes

College Students Continuing lessons: $60 for ten classes

If money is the issue , come to the studio we will figure something out

Private Lessons

Private lesson, one instructor……$65

Package of ten private lessons/ NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME

If money is the issue , come to the studio we will figure something out

Drop In Rates

First class……Free!

Drop in rate (per person)……$15 (pay at the studio)