Student Comments

Student Comments:

John Dwight Lee  recommends Backstreet Tango. 13 February 2019 

I highly recommend Backstreet Tango because of the excellent and well thought out lesson plans. Leaders learn how to execute each dance pattern so as not to confuse their partners. Luis knows how to professionally teach the dance. There is always a fun group of people at the group lessons.

Carol Gallaher  recommends Backstreet Tango. February 1 at 11:33 PM · 

Amazing Tango school. I've taken lessons in many studios, with lots of different instructors and Luis is the best. The studio has a relaxed welcoming atmosphere and very fun people. The personal attention is remarkable which has helped me improve very quickly.

JoAnn Egan  recommends Backstreet Tango. December 28 at 1:22 AM · 

Luis is a very patient instructor. He explains and demonstrates each component until I understand and am able to perform it. Luis has helped me improve my technique and my balance. I am more confident at milongas now. I am happy I discovered Backstreet Tango.To see more student comments please visit the ABOUT US tab at the page.

Gloria Ariosa  recommends Backstreet Tango. ,December 28 at 9:27 PM · Backstreet Tango is a great place to learn Argentine Tango. Luis is very patient and is able to explain how to do the steps/concepts in a way that makes sense. I highly recommend going there!

Fralisa M. McFall  recommends Backstreet Tango.  December 28 at 12:40 AM · If you just want to learn Argentine Tango, Backstreet Tango has a comfortable learning environment. Luis is very patient. He understands that everyone learns differently and is very helpful. 

Adrena Duval: I recently I travelled to Paris and attended a milonga. I was surprised to see that my tango skills learned at Backstreet Tango were completely transferable. Thank you Luis! 

Ernesta Ballard a student who traveled to Italy: You have prepared me well, I have registered for the intermediate class, my skills are solid. I’m working hard on my frame and right arm as you would want. The basics that you gave me stood me in very good stead even with the very best leads.

Stephanie Daugherty recommends Backstreet Tango:

"5 stars My first tango experiences were in rural Montana where I heard there are 30 basic steps that make up the vocabulary of Argentine tango. Could not find a good reference or school that laid them out until I found Backstreet Tango. I took a few lessons commuting from Kalispell to Portland to visit my son several years ago. When I moved to Wenatchee, I was close enough to commute weekly on Sundays. Luis has the 30 steps broken into 3 groups in a logical order. So coming on a Sunday, I can take all three class levels and review some portion (or all) the steps in the level. And there is usually another activity following classes (milonga or practica) to put what I learned to use. I recommend anyone interested in tango come. Luis teaches a solid foundation that you can't find anywhere else. And believe me, I've looked. Luis and his assistant instructors are patient and very encouraging. He very much is invested in building a tango community in the South Sound."   

 Steven Forbes reviewed Backstreet Tango — 5 star

12 hrs ·  Great instructor. Friendly studio. Excellent price.

 Marge Bailey reviewed Backstreet Tango — 5 star

13 hrs ·   I started with 10 private beginner lessons from Luis. I've signed up for 10 group lessons and I'm planning to take more private lessons. Luis is patient, encouraging and a wonderful instructor. The Backstreet Tango Studio is conducive to learning proper technique with a wonderful floor, mirrors and bars to help those of us with balance issues! I'd encourage everyone to learn Tango, especially from Luis!

Seth Borman reviewed Backstreet Tango — 5 star

My wife and I love going to Backstreet Tango. Luis is an excellent instructor. During each class we learn and practice three different moves and he has times when we can come and put it all together. We've really been learning a lot and it's a fun way to spend our afternoons together.

 D Rand Hillier‎ to Backstreet Tango

Do you want a good experience with a real pro?
I am not a dancer and not very nimble on my feet but I decided I want to learn to do the Argentine Tango. I was introduced to Luis Perez and the Backstreet tango a few months ago.
Even though I have two left feet that don’t talk to each other and don’t listen to my brain the routine that Luis has established has taught me that I can do it. I am not there yet, but I got the idea. He is extremely patient and knows the dance inside and out, and more importantly , he knows not only what the guys are supposed to do, but also he knows the ladies’ steps.
It is good for balance and activity,,,and it’s fun.
Luis has modified ½ a house into a ball room. He also offers opportunities to dance at other venues. If you want a good experience at a very reasonable price BACKSTREET TANGO in Tacoma is the place to go.
D. Rand Hillier

 Vilnis &Guna Kleper reviewed Backstreet Tango — 5 star

If you have ever had a serious desire to dance the ARGENTINE tango, the place to learn is at the Backstreet Tango  studio in Tacoma. The large home-studio is professional and well suited. The two instructors are experts in this form of tango, use excellent teaching techniques, and are VERY patient.  They’re always positive, encouraging, friendly attitudes removes the stress that could arise from learning the foreign, intricate dance moves.  Class time just flies by!

Ernesta Ballard reviewed Backstreet Tango — 5 star

I have been dancing with Luis for about five months. I love my lessons. He is patient and expects that I want to take the time to learn proper technique. It pays off. When I dance at a milonga I feel much better balanced and can follow gracefully. Backstreet is a bit of a travel for me - well worth it.

 Teah Scheel reviewed Backstreet Tango — 5 star

I started taking Argentine Tango classes from Luis Perez a few months ago. It’s always such a pleasure to come to his friendly and welcoming studio, Backstreet Tango.

Luis is very patient and always eager to teach. Such dedication is worth noting, as he will repeat, and drill, and teach his students as many times as it is necessary to understand the move. He doesn’t just teach the move, he teaches the cause and effect of each movement, proper body positioning, and other minute nuances of Argentine Tango style to give it a polished look. Luis is very knowledgeable about AT, and he is very passionate about teaching. You can see the spark in his eyes every time when we finally get the move 😊.

He creates pleasant and friendly atmosphere for his students through regularly scheduled monthly Milongas and Practicas at the studio. These are perfect opportunities for all students to practice, socialize, share the love for Tango, and build friendships.

Luis offers a very relaxed and pressure free form of payment, best described as a “Punch Card” system. After you purchase a certain number of classes, you only deduct classes you take. If you a miss a class, nothing is deducted. This form of compensation is very rare, extremely helpful, and is very much appreciated as life is very busy for most of us.

Personal note: Luis, thank you so much for your tireless effort, your encouragement at the end of each class, and for helping me discover the happiness that Argentine Tango brings to my life. I know I don’t speak the Tango language quite yet, but what’s important, is that I come to your class every week full of excitement and eager to learn more. Thank you so much for that 

 Liana Potts

 Hi, Luis, Thanks for friending me! I enjoyed the classes which were held this last Tuesday.. It was good to see that I am not the only one who is struggling with this dance...I get weepy watching this dance performed!! Simply beautiful!! Thank you for being so patient with me!! Liana

 Susan HargraveSusan Hesselgrave reviewed Backstreet Tango — 5 star

 Luis is an excellent teacher and I enjoy every class with him, both the group classes and the private lessons. He instantly recognizes when I need further coaching on technique and is very encouraging to everyone. He's created a friendly place where everyone quickly feels at home. I've taken many dance classes in other types of dance (including Argentine tango), from other instructors, and Luis is among the very best. We're so lucky to have Backstreet Tango right here in our Tacoma backyard!

 Misti Boucher reviewed Backstreet Tango — 5 star

Had my 3rd class today & just love it! Luis is so funny and a very good instructor. Everyone has been so kind and helpful. It really is such a relaxing and welcoming group. I will be back and pretty much addicted now!

 Nina Reidel

I joined Backstreet Tango Studio just over a year ago. Because of my desire to learn Argentine Tango and thanks to a wonderful instructor Luis, my dancing skills improved enough that I was brave enough to go to the Colombia Tango Festival where, I had a chance to dance with champions. Luis not only taught me how to dance but, helped me believe in myself. His teaching techniques make it possible to dance tango in any country. Because of Luis’ personality, there is welcoming, friendly atmosphere in his studio where people can relax, have fun, and make new friends. Thank you, Luis, for being who you are, for being a skillful instructor and a nice person. If you want to learn to dance Argentine tango, make new friends and relax – Luis’ studio is the best place for you. 

 Stephanie DaughertyBackstreet Tango

Had a private class on Memorial Day weekend learning the basics. It was great. Didn't get to another milonga until last week. Figured I forgot half of what I learned but had a fantastic dance (to a very, very slow song - talk about staying on your axis!). 10 minutes later, I received a compliment on my footwork from an advanced follow whom I have admired previously. Thanks Luis Perez!

Silvia Hi

It was VERY productive class today !;) Which was More than I expected!! I am so impressed your passion to teaching tango and the classmates were so helpful! I was kind worried to mingle in the class but, I was wasting my time worrying;) Looking forward to seeing everybody soon!                                                                                                                             

 "I highly recommend Luis Perez as an Argentine tango instructor. Not only is he an exceptionally good teacher, he makes the class atmosphere relaxed and lots of fun. In the past experiences with other teachers I felt I was giving a lot of money and going away with not having learned very much. This was discouraging, (as tango is not an easy dance to learn) and as a result I would give up , then eventually return for the love of it, yet still having not progressed. Luis has changed that for me as he is gifted at making one grasp and understand the concept of tango. He makes you "get it". At the same time one is very encouraged to continue and without a doubt make progress. I'm grateful for having been connected and for the gifted teacher he is. "

Shalaine Fernandez

My name is Nina and I'm from Russia .  I'm so glad I had an opportunity to go to Backstreet   Tango Studio.  The instructor is awesome !!!!!  He works with great successes with beginners.  Luis obviously likes teaching he gets happy and exited when we really get it. I would  definitely recommend Backstreet Tango Studio to anyone I know .  The Argentine Tango is great !!!!!!!!         

Nina Reidel  


Thanks to Backstreet Tango and my wonderful teacher, LUIS PEREZ,  I'm hooked on Argentine Tango!  I love going to Backstreet Tango.  Everyone there is warm & friendly and dedicated to learning.  Luis is patient and extremely knowledgeable.   I appreciate that he is focused on teaching impeccable technique  and producing quality dancers.  Surprisingly,  tango at Backstreet has also greatly improved my ballroom and swing dancing. 

Thank YOU Backstreet Tango and Luis Antonia McDonald 

 Danielle Ferreri 

★★★★★ Having had no prior dance instruction and two left feet, I was nervous about taking my first Tango lesson, but I am so glad I took the plunge. Luis's easy going personality put me completely at ease, and my first lesson was so enjoyable. Luis is professional, knowledgeable, and very patient. I have continued and will continue take lessons here. Thank you Luis for sharing your talent being such a great instructor. I am having a great time learning this beautiful form of dance.

 Melissa Schussler-Paz 

★★★★★ I really enjoyed my first lesson and Luis's instruction, heart, and fun personality made it that much more enjoyable! I bought a package and look forward to my lessons! It's a beautiful, clean space with lot's of care and intention to the studio and instruction! If you are looking for tango classes this is the place to go!

 Catherine D.  If you live close enough to get yourself to the Backstreet Tango Studio, then you are indeed favored by the gods and goddesses of Argentine Tango!  Don't let anything keep you from stepping into the tastefully decorated studio and onto the inviting hardwood floor.  You are in for a great dancing experience with a kind, encouraging, and gifted dance teacher.  You'll come away from your lessons with dancing skills and finesse, probably amazed at what your teacher has brought out of you!  And you'll make some new friends too.                                                                                 

Kirsty Kalkhoven

I have been dancing ballroom, salsa and tango on and off for years, and I can highly recommend Luis as an instructor. He has a very professional-looking studio in his house, and he is a very gentle and patient instructor. He has been dancing for years and travels internationally for workshops to continue learning technique.

 Cindy One year dancing Tango comments:

Luis is an instructor of formidable talent.  His technical mastery, coupled with an ability to communicate and demonstrate the finest details of the dance-- from both lead and follower positions-- is a rare combination.  His analytical approach to the art of dance is fascinating; his teaching approach continually adds new layers of understanding to my technique which keeps tango constantly new, evolving, and interesting.  Focusing on great technique (not just memorizing patterns) does require patience, but the reward is a richer, more flowing dance where partners are free to explore endless options.  Luis is abundantly equipped with both the patience to nurture the student who's never been on a dance floor, as well as the expertise to stimulate and challenge the very advanced.   If you love the tango, Luis' instruction and enthusiasm will lead you to love it even more!

Donald Two months dancing Tango comments:

Mr. Perez,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for working with me, my difficult schedule, and helping me unwind to be able to dance after a long day. You also have a wonderful sense of humor.
Mr. Perez genuinely loves what he does, passionate, and is engaged, which are qualities that make him an excellent teacher. He has a comprehensive knowledge of the subject matter he teaches and communicates well to get the message across to his students. If I have a difficult time mastering what he is trying to teach it is not because he does not communicate well.  He is very patient and willing to work with students. It has been a pleasure to take tango lessons from Mr. Perez and I plan to continue to take lessons and learn from Mr. Perez.

 Joy Third visit  excellent. good review and continue teaching and support to refine technique and increasing my love for Tango

Andre first time student comments:

 Luis is incredible and he can teach anyone from a tall goofy ol infantry medic like me to more sophisticated types like my wife who has had lessons in ballet and waltz an stuff. I can't wait to get into a Tuesday or Thursday night routine so we can start getting good at it. He's very encouraging too cuz I get frustrated and he says the right thing. God is good, what a blessing.

Lisa Bergman, a intermediate level Tango dancer from NYC Comments:

 I am a tanguera from NYC, a place where there is a very active tango community. Luis teaches traditional Argentine Tango group classes on Sundays in a spacious sunny studio. Classes are small enough that he is able to give a lot of personal attention. They say every teacher has personality attributes that attract like-minded students. That must be true because Luis' personality creates a space that reflects his patience and warmth. At Backstreet Tango, more advanced students are happy to dance with beginners and vice versa. Everyone is there to learn and egos are left outside. He didn't just do the pattern but personalized the lesson so that I was able to work on what I needed to do to make it work better. Luis is very patient and loves teaching. He explains the "why" of many concepts, which makes them easier to retain later on.  In selecting a teacher, it is important to find someone who is constantly trying to improve his own dancing, because a good teacher is never content to rest on his laurels. Luis is that kind of teacher. I would recommend him to anyone who loves dancing of any type. So try Backstreet Tango. You will learn some wonderful things and you will meet some really nice people. I can't wait to come back

 Gail First time student Comments:  “Luis did an incredible job with the lesson.  It was my first lesson and I loved every minute of it.  He was so patient and I could tell he teaches because he loves the dance.  Great experience ! ”

Venice Goetz Who has been dancing Argentine Tango for five years. Comments:   I just love my weekly private lessons with Luis Perez from Backstreet Tango in Tacoma.  Not only does he give me mileage on the dance floor but he is a great teacher.  He breaks down each movement so I can absorb it into my body and teaches me technique as well as style.  And I love that he is so patient and generous with his time.  Lessons from Luis are the best in town. 

Daisy Z, Who has been dancing Argentine Tango for ten years.  Comments: The methodology is great in that an element is continued for a month and getting into and out of an element is given considerable attention. The dance floor is excellent . I received great tips and improved considerably by the end of my first private lesson.  I would definitely recommend Backstreet Tango to everybody interested in learning Argentine Tango. 

Kazuko Schewess First time student six months Comments:   Luis is an excellent teacher very clear in the how and why of his instruction. He has an enormous amount of patience. The order in which things are taught are very logical.  Class times are always very convenient for me even upon short notice.  Luis is always challenging me. I always get more time than what we agree on. The dance floor is great to dance on. I would strongly recommend his classes to anybody.

Ralph F First time student six months Comments:   I first came to Luis because he had an excellent record of training students and I wanted all the expert training I could get. What I like most about Luis' teaching is that he does everything in his power to
accommodate the students' needs and at a very reasonable rate.